Infant Sleep and Popular Advice

Below is a summary of research that has been featured on the Talaris Institute website on the topic of infant sleep interventions, as well as additional research and papers on topics related to sleep.

It’s important to note that the purpose of this research is not to advocate one style of approach over another. The purpose is to make sure that whatever approaches parents use are safe and fit the capacities of the infant…and that parents use what feels right for them. Most infants will eventually sleep through the night on their own. Parents need support and validation for their own instincts and a range of options for ways to get adequate (or reasonably adequate) sleep.

•Is “crying it out” appropriate for infants? A critical review of the literature on the use of extinction in infancy. (Gordon, M. D., & Hill, S. L., Poster presented at the World Infant Mental Health Conference, 2006)

•What to do about sleep? A survey of parents’ experiences with sleep interventions and popular advice. (Gordon, M. D., & Hill, S. L., Poster presented at the International Society for Infant Studies, 2008)

• (Gordon, M. D., & Hill, S. L. (2009, April). Paper presented at the Society for Research in Development Biennial Conference, Denver, Colorado. April 1-4, 2009.

• The relational context of infant crying. (Gordon, M. D., 2006)

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